Am I eligible for an account on this service?
If your organisation is in receipt of public funding for provision of learning services in the further education sector, then you are requested to register on this service. This will usually mean that your organisation has a UK Registered Provider Number (UKPRN) and is on the Register of Learning Providers. There are some organisations that do not have a UKPRN that are entitled to an account on the SIR Data Insights service. In particular this applies to small third sector sub-contractors to adult and community learning providers.
The username and password I used before no longer works, how can I get a new one?
Please use the Forgotten Password facility to receive a new password by email or call our help line on (0345) 833 9040.
Can we have multiple account administrators?
Yes, multiple administrators can be created using the Add new contact facility within the Admin tab. The initial contact for any organisation is automatically identified as the account administrator.
How do I upload my data?
Selecting Upload SIR File from the Manage SIR submenu allows you to select a file from your local computer to upload. Please download our Guidance Notes for how to upload your data, or view our handy video guide below:

I am unsure which data format to use when constructing my SIR data file for uploading?
Please download our Guidance Notes for how to upload your data. The permissible data formats (csv, XML and .dat) and details of how to apply these are also described in the Data Specification available here
I have uploaded my data and have invalid records. How can I see further details of these errors and resolve them?
Two options are provided to address invalid records: Option 1) Fix in your system and re-upload is preferable in most cases, as it allows you to address multiple instances of a single type of error and ensures that the data is correct for future returns. If you have a very small number of errors then Option 2) Fix here can be used to amend records in the system. Error reports are available for download. You can see find out more about how to correct your data from the video guides below:

I have successfully uploaded my data but can’t see how to view my dashboards?
You can view your dashboards by selecting Dashboards from the Reports submenu.
I can see dashboards for my 2017/18 data but can’t see benchmarks which relate to these data sets?
Benchmark data will be published in spring 2019. Please contact our help desk if you are unsure.

If you need further help, please contact our support service at or call (0345) 833 9040 Monday to Friday from 9.00am-5.00pm.