Understanding trends and patterns within the FE sector workforce is important for providers and policy makers alike. Reliable and timely benchmark data on issues like average salaries, gender balance, and percentages of qualified staff, help to inform both decision making in your organisation, and the development of policies to support the sector.

The Education and Training Foundation is the body tasked with gathering strategic workforce data across the further education and skills sector, revealing the employment and working patterns of thousands of staff. The ETF and previous FE development organisations have been collecting and reporting on this data since 1993 through the Staff Individualised Record (SIR) for colleges, and latterly the addition of the workforce surveys for independent training providers and adult community learning services.

The SIR Data Insights service, piloted in 2015/16, is a radical departure from the earlier SIR system, aimed at giving all providers that submit data a useful strategic decision making tool, as well as giving policy makers broader-based evidence.

Key Facts:

  • The SIR Data Insights service incorporates a range of management dashboards designed to give you fast, online access to relevant and timely benchmarked data about your workforce
  • There is a customer support facility to help you register and take advantage of the new service
  • You need only submit data that your organisation would collect as a matter of course
  • Many HR systems have a SIR app or module making data upload easy. If not, there are guidance notes available and the SIR team can advise
  • You can register on the system at any time
  • If you have previously submitted SIR data, you can access your management dashboards when you login
  • The window for upload of this year’s SIR26 2017/18 workforce data is from 1st August to 31st October
  • Data from the 2016/17 submission is currently being aggregated to give benchmark data for comparison
  • Your staff and your organisation will remain anonymous in any public reporting
  • Whilst analysis of SIR data at a national level is available to all, analysis at the detailed level is only available to participating institutions

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