SIR Data Insights has been designed to make data upload quick and easy. SIR stands for Staff Individualised Record as data is collected at individual staff contract level. The next data collection of 2018/19 data is called SIR27.

The data submission window for SIR27 is from 1st August to 31st October 2019, but the website is open for trial submissions of data from 1st July.

You should only need to submit data that you collect as a matter of course as part of your regular HR practices. Many HR systems have SIR26-compatible facilities for uploading data, making the process very straightforward. Please ask your HR systems supplier about this facility. If your HR system does not have a SIR27-compatible module or app, or you do not have an HR system at all, we can help you.

In the first instance, please download our Guidance Notes for how to upload workforce data into SIR Data Insights. These notes will help you whatever your situation as regards HR systems:

Guidance Notes for Data Upload

If your HR system does not allow you to do an automatic export of relevant data fields, please download our Guidance Notes for how to prepare your workforce data manually, together with our template for data entry which is a straightforward spreadsheet:

Guidance Notes for Data Preparation
SIR Data Insights Template for Data Entry

Please note, SIR Data Insights includes a wide range of data fields in response to sector requirements for more informative reporting. Most of the fields added when the service was relaunched in 2015/16 are concerned with subject and teaching qualifications, CPD, professional body membership and experience outside teaching. There is a particular emphasis on Maths, English and SEND teachers because of national priorities.

The full data specification with details of all fields is available for download. This document will also be useful for your HR system supplier.

SIR Data Insights SIR27 Data Specification

SIR27 uses standard classifications of data to ensure organisations are comparing like with like.

The system caters for single and multi-site organisations, including group structures. One individual can input data on behalf of multiple organisations and view reports through multiple dashboards, or through a single dashboard with sub-organisations, departments or campuses.

Please note, once your data is in the system, it is immediately available for viewing in the management dashboards; there is no approval process for publishing data. You can find out more about how to upload your data in our handy video guide below:

Once you have uploaded your data, you may see errors reported. This gives you a useful check on data that is in your HR system or your records. It is best to fix these errors at source. The two video guides below explain the error reporting process and how to fix your errors:

If you have any queries about any of the above, please contact our Helpdesk which is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am-5.00pm, or email