SIR Data Insights, formerly the Staff Individualised Record (SIR) system, is a new service designed to offer colleges a powerful data tool to inform and support workforce planning, whilst collecting workforce data to compile a national evidence base.

Piloted for the 2015/16 national workforce data collection, the philosophy behind the new service is a radical departure from previous versions of the SIR, which were focused primarily on data collection and the needs of policy makers/researchers. The aim of the new service is much broader: to give colleges an immediate benefit in return for contributing data; to inform government policy; and to provide data for sector bodies like the Association of Colleges.

The key features of SIR Data Insights that differ from the old SIR system are as follows:

  • The data fields collected have been expanded, in consultation with providers, to enhance reporting
  • New upload tools have been incorporated to make data submission fast and easy
  • Once data has been uploaded, it is immediately visible in the management dashboards
  • The dashboards also provide benchmarking data for comparison

The window for submitting your 2016/17 staff data is from 1st July to 31st October.

If you have submitted data in previous years, you will already be able to see how your data looks in the management dashboards alongside benchmark data, including the 2015/16 benchmark data.

If you have not submitted SIR data before, you can find more information about the SIR Data Insights service and the benefits it offers on this website, including a preview of how the management dashboards show benchmark data.

Each year the workforce data collected from across the sector is aggregated, analysed and reported on. You can download the annual workforce report for 2015/16 from this website.

You can access the annual workforce data reports for previous years on the Education and Training Foundation's website.