SIR Data Insights is an updated version of the Staff Individualised Record (SIR) system. It collects FE workforce data to inform government policy and sector body decision making, but it also provides powerful data analytics to inform and support college workforce planning.

The philosophy behind SIR Data Insights is a radical departure from previous versions of the SIR, which were focused primarily on data collection. The aim of the current service is to give colleges an immediate benefit in return for contributing data in the form of management dashboards and benchmark data comparisons.

**NEW for colleges from 2017** In addition, colleges that submit data to the SIR service can now benefit from a data sharing agreement between the Association of Colleges (AoC), the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) and the University and College Union (UCU). The aim of the agreement is the collection of a single dataset of reliable and robust FE workforce data through SIR Data Insights run by ETF. The data will then be shared with UCU and AoC. You can find out more and opt in to the benefits of this agreement here. You can see a sample of the data report sent to UCU and AoC based on your SIR data return here.

The window for submitting your 2018/19 workforce data is from 1st August to 31st October. The service allows trial submissions of data from 1st July.

If you have submitted data in previous years, you will already be able to see how your data looks in the management dashboards alongside benchmark data.

If you have not submitted SIR data before, you can find more information about the SIR Data Insights service and the benefits it offers on this website, including a preview of how the management dashboards show benchmark data.

Each year the workforce data collected from across the sector is aggregated, analysed and reported on. You can download the annual workforce report for 2016/17 from this website.

You can access the annual workforce data reports for previous years on the Education and Training Foundation's website.