SIR Data Insights collects FE workforce data to inform government policy and sector body decision making, but it also provides powerful data analytics to inform and support your workforce planning.

If you are an adult education service, local authority learning service or a third sector provider funded through the Education and Skills Funding Agency you are required to submit a SIR return. SIR stands for Staff Individualised Record and data is collected at individual staff level. Please note that data is anonymised.

In return for contributing data, you gain a free, bespoke benchmarking tool which can give a fresh perspective on your workforce data and help you to compare your operation with other similar providers. Your data return will also ensure that the adult and community learning sector is properly represented in the evidence base provided to government.

Benefits of the SIR Data Insights service include the ability to:

  • Benchmark vital management data including pay, staff qualifications, age, gender, ethnicity
  • Compare practice in different areas of your operation
  • Carry out an effective quality check on your HR data
  • Understand your workforce profile in order to inform your recruitment policy and advertising

The return is reasonably detailed but less onerous than a freedom of information request would be. There are various ways to collate and submit your data which are set out on the Data Collection page on this website. Many adult and voluntary/community learning providers find the spreadsheet template provided on this page a useful way to collate staff data for submission.

The window for submitting your 2018/19 staff data is from 1st August to 31st October, but you can login to the overall system now to see how it works and do trial submissions of data from 1st July.

If you have submitted data in previous years, you will already be able to see how your data looks in the management dashboards alongside benchmark data.

If you have not submitted SIR data before, you can find more information about the SIR Data Insights service and the benefits it offers on this website, including a preview of how the management dashboards show benchmark data.

Each year the workforce data collected from across the sector is aggregated, analysed and reported on. You can download the annual workforce report for 2016/17 from this website.

You can access the annual workforce data reports for previous years on the Education and Training Foundation's website.