Please note that ETF will not be collecting data for SIR going forwards. The Department for Education will be getting in touch with stakeholders regarding the future plans for SIR.

Over 2500 international and European students from over 80 countries choose to study in the UK at Chichester College each year, alongside 5,000 British students.  The College’s location in the historic city of Chichester near the rolling hills of the South Downs is a major attraction along with the quality of courses.  

Sara Barrett, HR Data Administrator at Chichester College, is part way through the College’s data submission to the SIR Data Insights service and shares her impressions so far:

“We do benchmark a lot of data each year.  For example, we provide data for the Association of Colleges every year and we have supplied workforce data to the Education and Training Foundation system previously.

It’s good to see how we compare to benchmarks in the sector and we think it’s important to contribute to the network of information.

We have just uploaded our data for the first time into the new SIR Data Insights service. The upload process was very quick, I was impressed with the speed. 

It was interesting seeing our data from last year in the dashboards.  The graphs were there on the home page, straight away when we logged on, which was good.

When we uploaded our submission this time, it showed us errors in the data very clearly.  We are currently working through the errors and hope the second submission will be better.

I decided to do the process manually because our HR system had not mapped all the fields across correctly so we had to do that ourselves.  We’ve taken that up with our HR system supplier.

My advice to other providers would be, ‘It’s never too early to start!’.  

You can submit as often as you like before you make your final submission.”

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