Please note that ETF will not be collecting data for SIR going forwards. The Department for Education will be getting in touch with stakeholders regarding the future plans for SIR.

North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College is one of the first colleges in the country to submit workforce data to the new SIR Data Insights service.  A large college in its own right, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College was federated with South Leicestershire College in 2013 – one of only two federations in the country.  Now both colleges are merged, as of 1 August 2016, but as they were still federated up to 31 July, each college needed to make a separate FE workforce data submission.

Rachel Parker, HR Advisor Recruitment & Systems, worked with Julie Ball, Financial Services Manager, to undertake the data submissions for both of the federated colleges.  We caught up with Rachel to find out her views.

“We use the Software for People HR and Payroll system and they provided a new module to export all the relevant fields for submission into the SIR Data Insights service. Software for People provided training for us earlier in the year and briefed us on the new data fields.  It helped to make the process much smoother.

Export from our HR system and upload into the new system was very fast. I liked the fact that the screen showed clearly what stage of the process we were at.

We only had to use the Help Desk on a couple of occasions and they were brilliant, absolutely excellent.

My role is to get the data into the best possible shape then to team up with payroll for data entry.  We could not enter data into all the new fields as we had not been collecting that data throughout the year.  We had to take a view on which new fields to tackle retrospectively so we had to forsake CPD entries this year – but this will be really good in future. We did gather together data for teaching qualifications. Now that the new service is in place, this will be much easier going forward.

Once we entered data into the system we got a really useful error report showing about 24 errors which we were able to rectify in the system. 

This was the first time I have seen our data presented back to us which is very helpful. Now, as soon as you enter data, you see it in the dashboards.

The visual presentation of our workforce data in the dashboards is very helpful."

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