Please note that ETF will not be collecting data for SIR going forwards. The Department for Education will be getting in touch with stakeholders regarding the future plans for SIR.

Vicky Fitzpatrick, Human Resources Office and Systems Manager at City College Plymouth, has just completed the College’s data upload to the new FE workforce data system managed by the Education and Training Foundation.  City College has around 13,000 students and just over 600 staff.  The College undertakes a large number of apprenticeships, either directly or with partners.  Vicky is positive about the new SIR Data Insights service and feels it is an improvement on previous years:

“My initial impression was that the new SIR Data Insights website looked a lot more user friendly than previously.  I was also impressed by the instant accessibility of our workforce data.  It meant we could see our data visually through the dashboards as soon as we’d entered data.

Seeing our submission from last year in this way helped us realise that there were errors in our data.  We rang the Help Desk and talked to them about the problems.  They helped to sort out the errors in our previous data. 

The service from the Help Desk was excellent, it was really helpful.  Being able to review our data and iron out errors was a useful exercise in its own right.

Our HR system is in the middle of an upgrade so we had to do our data submission to the new SIR Data Insights service manually.  The data template and the accompanying data guidance notes were very helpful.  It took two days but I think that is reasonable for something so important. Once we can use our HR system, it should take three minutes.

Once all the providers have submitted and benchmark data is available, it will be useful to be able to compare our workforce data with the local context, particularly when it comes to issues like equality and diversity."

My advice to other colleges who are considering whether to submit is, ‘Don’t be afraid!’, with a compatible HR system it should be very fast and it’s a good way to see your data.

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