Please note that ETF will not be collecting data for SIR going forwards. The Department for Education will be getting in touch with stakeholders regarding the future plans for SIR.

Somerset Skills & Learning team has submitted staff data to the new FE workforce data service provided by the Education and Training Foundation.  Branded ‘SIR Data Insights’, the new service is collecting data from across the whole of the FE sector for the first time.  Previously Adult Community Learning (ACL) services submitted workforce data for national analysis through an annual survey, but now ACL services are being invited to submit workforce data for their own review and usage.

Somerset Skills & Learning CIC (Community Interest Company) is a staff-led Social Enterprise which delivers a wide range of education services to 10,000 young people and adults annually across Somerset. The CIC’s education services range from work and employability training for young people and adults to family learning opportunities and leisure courses. The CIC therefore runs a sizeable operation and has previously submitted summary data to the annual workforce survey.

Sharon Koppa, Administrator, was responsible for preparing the data for upload into the new SIR Data Insights service, which was done manually using a spreadsheet template and guidance notes provided on the website. 

Sharon explains, “We work with managers on a monthly basis to gather monitoring data so we had some of the data required for the SIR Data Insights return, but not at the level of detail needed. The previous survey required summary figures, but the new service focuses on data per person.

We couldn’t complete all the fields this year but we are confident we can get that information from our systems going forward."

The template was fine to use, the drop downs were good and the error notes were really useful.

MIS and Contracts Manager, Steven Marshall, found the experience of uploading the prepared data into the new SIR Data Insights service very easy:

In terms of the website and uploading the data – I think that has been brilliant.  The process is very quick. It was nice to get all the errors from our first submission returned immediately so we could deal with them.  It was also nice to see the reports automatically refreshed.

Steven adds, “I haven’t fully studied all the reports in detail yet, but just being able to see our staff data in summary form is very useful. We haven’t got an existing system that lets us do that.  Once the benchmark data is available, I think our Senior Management Team would find the comparison data useful as well.”


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