Please note that ETF will not be collecting data for SIR going forwards. The Department for Education will be getting in touch with stakeholders regarding the future plans for SIR.

Award-winning Access Training is an independent training provider based in the East Midlands supporting approximately 1,200 learners a year.  Learners study towards qualifications in construction, care, business skills and education and 86% achieve qualifications – above the national average. Many are completing apprenticeships, and Access has a strong record developed over 30 years of helping people into jobs.

Managing Director, Corrina Hembury, sits on the Education and Training Foundation Expert Panels and has contributed to consultations about the Foundation’s new FE workforce data service, SIR Data Insights.  Having commented on SIR Data Insights in development, Corrina has now had an opportunity to use the service in practice and is already enthusiastic about the management dashboards:

The dashboards in the SIR Data Insights service look great.  I particularly like the ones on teaching qualifications which give me a consolidated picture of the level of qualifications of our staff.  That helps me to see where we stand compared to the average for the sector.

"Most of our teaching staff have Level 5 to Level 7 qualifications, which is rare in the Work Based Learning sector where teaching staff often have Level 3.  It was reassuring, particularly as a small provider, to see this fact presented so clearly through the management dashboards.

I also like the dashboards about the ratio of teaching staff to senior managers, as well as the length of employment. Again, although we know that we have low staff turnover, it is good to see it confirmed factually in black and white.

It will be really interesting to see the comparisons when the benchmarks are available.”

Chris Rodgers, HR Advisor at Access Training, did the data submission to the SIR Data Insights service.  Chris comments,

“We uploaded data manually using the template provided, as we do not have an HR system.  The guidance notes for preparing and uploading data were helpful.  The process took approximately a day.  We had a few issues with some of the fields, but going forward I’d expect it to be easier next year.”

Corrina adds, “Previously we have completed the annual workforce survey, because we appreciate the importance of contributing to information about the sector as a whole."

The new SIR Data Insights service captures much more data, which takes a bit more effort in the first place, but will be very valuable in future, particularly as the year-on-year picture builds and the benchmarking facilities develop.

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