The interactive data dashboards in the SIR Data Insights data collection, reporting and analysis portal give you an overview of your workforce data.

There are charts for staff numbers, their contracts and levels of pay. There are also charts that show the proportion of teaching staff for subjects taught and the qualifications and experience of those teaching staff. The charts also include data from previous years (if you have submitted the data) and they should make it easy to spot trends and changes in your workforce over time.

You can use the new dashboards to compare your organisation to national benchmark data as follows:

  1. All organisations nationally - an aggregated benchmark that includes all data from colleges, independent training providers and adult education, local authority and third sector providers.
  2. Organisations of the same type - for example, you can compare your college with a national benchmark that just includes other colleges.
  3. Organisations that are similar in size - this is based on the number of FTE staff. You can compare your organisation with organisations that have a similar number of FTE staff.

Over time, as the volume and quality of sector data improves, we expect to add further benchmarks that will enhance the usefulness of the dashboards as a tool to support and inform planning for the providers who submit workforce data.

Two key goals of the dashboards are usability and data accuracy. Your organisation needs to have confidence in the data and it is therefore important to understand how gaps in the workforce data you submit can cause anomalies is the charts. With each dashboard chart there is:

  • Some background to the chart that explains in plain English what is being shown
  • A list of errors that have been found with the uploaded data
  • Some configurability - for example you can switch between numbers and percentages

We also provide data in a tabulated form, again to make comparisons with benchmark data easier. A simple menu to the top right of each chart enables you to switch the view between chart, errors, configuration and explanation.